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My work in the hotel industry, my degree in International Wine Business in Geisenheim, my internship in the USA and my first steps in the wine industry - all of these have shaped me. In my AURA flows a unique character, one shaped by its origin, terrain, climate and my own personal experience. Together, they create a very special charisma. Tradition meets the cosmopolitan: AURA by Henrici.

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Wines with charisma – that’s what I DO

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An uncomplicated warmth, a heartfelt charisma is what they should exude. And they’ve also got to be fun: alone, in a twosome, or in a bigger gathering! A true pleasure to drink, with an inspired, refreshing lightness.



A playful wine with a light touch, where the bottle tends to empty faster than you planned.
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Pinot Gris

This all-round food companion pairs a refreshing lightness with the necessary weight.
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Pinot Blanc

I like my Pinot Blanc well-structured. It combines easy drinkability with discriminating quality.
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Sauvignon Blanc

Refinement, structure and clear, fruity notes are underpinned by hints of mineral in medium body.
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Light body, moderate, fresh tannins and subtle effervescence. The perfect summer wine, but a pleasure in winter too!
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HRC AURA Chardonnay


Nutty aromas and hints of tropical fruits; pleasant acidity and finely underlaid wood.
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HRC AURA Rote Cuvee

Rote Cuvée

My red Aura: a cuvée of Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Regent. A full-bodied red wine aged for one year in wooden barrels.
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